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Why Settle for Anything Less

Whirlpool of vivid imagination
Net mesh pulling emotions from the sea
Passion sizzling arousing dormant sensation
Excitement boiling kettle brewing tea
Crashing strong waves nearly drowning the bridge
Emotions, sentiments, feelings
Flowing swiftly along a narrow range of hills – to be exact, a ridge
Bargaining with the heart offering variable dealings
Bethought without a doubt lust with little weight just like dust
After weighing the pros and cons, living without turmoil is a must

Once the yearning is lost
Without love, trust, partnership and consideration a lifelong together will offer to great extent – disgust
Thank goodness that the flight to nowhere never took off
Due to concern and joint venture falloff
Everlasting love is built on a strong foundation full of love, trust, thoughtfulness and the gift of quality time spent together

Why settle for anything less
Why go down with the ship, get off while you still can
Otherwise the pain and grief later will be hard to endure
Spending the rest of your life with covered stars clouded – dark sky looking so very obscure
Murky waters turning darker than a deep tropical tan

Copyright 2005 Ana Monnar



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